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Meet Chris

In our ever changing world, many of us are awakening to a different vibration, a need for spiritual change.  My journey started only a few years ago when I discovered crystal healing and meditation after a psychic reading.  Since opening up to them I have experienced significant growth in my third eye chakra and a need to redirect myself in life.  Along my journey I'm discovering different modalities that I'm anxious to share with you.  Chakra balancing through Crystal healing, Reiki, Drumming, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Dowsing to Oils & Herbs.  Healing comes in all different ways.  Which one calls to you? 

For many of us our animal companions are family and are a source of strength & companionship throughout our lives.  The difference is that our "fur & feather babies' are actually more open and accepting to the nature of holistic healing.  They instinctively gravitate to healing energy when needed. 

Join me as I journey down my path to assisting whomever is seeking a helping hand.

Love & Crystal Curiosities,

Chris Hartje

Certified Crystal Healer & Reiki Practitioner